What To Look For: Solar Attic Fans

When you are looking to have a solar attic fan installed in your home, it is important that the appropriate product selection is made.

Appearance and functionality of solar attic fans can vary based on manufacturer and model. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Solar attic fans can be roof mounted, curb mounted or gable mounted. A knowledgeable sales consultant will be able to determine which mount best fits your needs and if more than one fan is needed. This is based on whether your home has a flat roof or a pitched roof, the actual pitch of the roof, as well as the square footage of your attic.

In order to provide sufficient ventilation, a solar attic fan with the appropriate venting capacity should be selected. Venting capacity is determined by the size of the solar panel. For residential models, solar panel size typically ranges from 10 watts to 50 watts. Your sales consultant will establish the correct size unit required for your home.

In addition, there are other factors which are important to consider when purchasing a solar attic fan, such as efficiency, material quality and warranty.

Efficiency: Solar Attic Fans


A solar attic fan is efficient because its powered by energy from the sun, and requires no electricity. By using renewable, solar technology to power the equipment installed in your home, you can save energy and money while making an environmentally conscious choice.

During hot weather, a solar attic fan helps reduce the load on your air conditioning unit by reducing the temperature in your attic. This in turn can help lower the cost to cool your home. During winter months, a solar attic fan helps move out warm, moist air generated by heat sources, which could otherwise condense and cause mold to form. Not only does a solar attic fan operate with no energy cost, it does so while increasing the comfort and safety of your home.

Due to the efficiency of solar attic fans, your purchase may qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, as a residential photovoltaic system. Visit www.energystar.gov to learn more. Consult a tax advisor for more information.

Material Quality: Solar Attic Fans


The most desirable equipment should have the highest level of safety available, and should be constructed with durable materials. The result will be long lasting equipment you can depend on to keep your home comfortable and safe.

High quality materials used in the manufacture of solar attic fans include:

  • High impact, adjustable solar panel
  • Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminum powder-coated housing
  • Direct current, long-lasting, quiet motor
  • 5-wind precision balanced fan blade, made of non-corrosive aluminum
  • Stainless steel protective animal screen
  • Seamless, commercial pure grade aluminum powder-coated flashing

Warranty: Solar Attic Fans


The availability of a manufacturer warranty, or dealer warranty, is often a valuable option that can provide parts and labor coverage in the case of equipment malfunctions. The peace-of-mind protection is invaluable in the case of equipment failure. Warranty duration can vary by manufacturer.

A reputable manufacturer will guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of your solar attic fan. A warranty should protect against any manufacturers defects and is conditional on proper installation. Once your solar attic fan has been installed, check with your contractor to ensure your new unit has been registered for the warranty.

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