Why Install a Solar Attic Fan?

solar attic fans

Home attic spaces can reach extreme temperatures without proper ventilation, upwards to 150 degrees in the summer. The extreme temperature variances can create a variety of issues in your home, such as higher cooling and heating bills, ice damming, moisture problems, as well as the increased wear and tear on your roof. By properly venting the attic space, you can help prevent the extreme temperature variances, minimize the transfer of heat and cold air into the house and preserve the life of the roof and shingles.

The benefits of a Solar Attic Fan from BGE HOME include:

  • Reduction of attic temperatureattic fan diagram
  • Reduction of cooling load on the air conditioning unit, saving you energy and money
  • Utilization of a clean, renewable energy source - the sun
  • 25 year warranty (available with select models)
  • Energy Tax Credit up to 30% (on total purchase and installation price)*
  • Reduction of moisture and mold
  • Increase in fresh air circulation, providing better indoor air quality
  • Prevention of ice damming (when operated year round)
  • Cooling of roof, which extends the life of roofing materials
  • High quality construction and quiet operation

Contact BGE HOME today to have your solar attic fan installed and youll realize the benefits for years to come. We take care of everything from helping you select the right fan for your needs to providing expert installation. Call 1.888.BGE.HOME (243.4663) or submit the Contact Us form to learn more.

*You may be eligible for tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Visit www.energystar.gov to learn more. Consult a tax advisor for more information.

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