How to Save Energy During the Holidays

The holidays are here and with them come the flurry of decorating and entertaining. To help manage your home’s energy usage during the holiday season, here are six ways you can reduce your energy consumption this time of year.

Six Tips to Save Energy this Holiday Season

  1. Make the Switch to LED Holiday Lights

Holiday lights are a great way to get your home in the holiday spirit, but can be also be a burden with the increased energy costs reflected on your energy bill. Replacing your regular holiday lights with LED lights can help reduce your energy usage. According to ENERGY STAR, LED lights use 75% less energy than regular incandescent lights. An additional way to save is to use multicolored LED lights that use up to 90% less energy than regular holiday lights. Learn more here.

  1. Automate your holiday lights with a timer

Rather than keeping your holiday lights on all night long, save energy by using programmable timers for your lights. A programmable timer allows you to enjoy your holiday lights when you’re at home, while also giving you the ability to have the lights off while you’re sleeping or at work. Timers can help you save energy by only using energy when you’re around to enjoy the lights. Many programmable timers also have a photo sensor for your outdoor lights that can automatically switch your lights on when the sun sets.

  1. Reduce your thermostat

Consider setting your thermostat to 68°F in the winter time to reduce energy usage. Furthermore, when you’re asleep, you can set your thermostat even lower. The Department of Energy found that you can save up to 10% on your heating and cooling costs if you reduce the temperature of your thermostat during winter months and increase your temperature of your thermostat during the summer months (i.e. 78 degrees in the summer).

  1. Lower the temperature of your hot water heater

Take a look at the temperature setting on your water heater. We typically recommend setting the temperature to 120°F, as water heated to 140°F can pose a scalding risk. Turning down your water heater temperature reduces the energy usage needed keep your water warm and ready to be used. If 120°F still meets the hot water needs for you, consider reducing your water heater’s temperature setting to reduce your home’s energy usage.

  1. Purchase ENERGY STAR certified appliances or electronics

If purchasing appliances or electronics this holiday season, search for ENERGY STAR certified products. No matter the electronic purchase, don’t forget to consider the energy usage of the product. For example, an ENERGY STAR certified television uses almost 30% less energy than a standard television. Make your family and the environment happy by choosing energy-efficient gifts this year.

  1. Be energy-efficient with your cooking

Cooking a feast for family and friends is fun, but it’s important to remember the amount of energy it takes to prepare, cook, and clean up your holiday meal. There are plenty of way to cook up savings. Use your microwave when possible, as it’s the quickest and most efficient way to cook. Also, try to limit the number of times you open your refrigerator and oven as this will limit the amount of cold or heat that can escape. When it’s time to cleanup, remember to completely fill your dishwasher and allow the dishes to air dry, rather than using the dishwasher’s heating setting, if possible.

Save Energy This Holiday

Hopefully with these tips, you can relax knowing that you’re decreasing your energy consumption during the holiday season. You’ll likely see savings on your energy bills too! So, go ahead – splurge on that gift you’ve had your eye on. Happy Holidays!

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