How To Save Water During The Holidays

The holidays are upon us and for many homeowners, entertaining family and friends may come with an added surprise – higher than normal water bills. According to USGS.gov the average person uses about 80-100 gallons of water on any given day. If you multiply that usage for every guest that visits your home this holiday season, you could be using a lot more water than expected. But don’t fret. We’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to help you conserve water and keep your water bill in check this holiday season. Use these six tips to reduce your water usage and avoid having to call a Baltimore plumber.

1. Prep Food with Less Water

As you begin planning big holiday meals, be mindful that one of the biggest culprits of water consumption in the kitchen is prepping food. If possible, try to avoid continuously running water when washing fruits and vegetables or defrosting meats. An alternative to consider is washing food in a bowl to conserve water. Also, be sure to thaw frozen fruits and meat in the refrigerator or microwave instead of running hot water over them.

2. Don’t Use the Toilet as a Wastebasket

Avoid using the toilet to flush small items that can otherwise be discarded in the trash can. If you notice your guests blowing their nose or using a lot of tissues, make sure they toss the tissue in the wastebasket and not the toilet. This can cut down on the number of flushes over the holidays.

Never flush food scraps or food waste down the toilet. Not only does this use a lot of water, flushing food can lead to major plumbing issues. Use the trashcan, or if you’re eco-conscious, compost food scraps to use in your outdoor garden.

3. Cleaning Up the Kitchen

After dinner is all said and done, the cleanup begins. If you plan to use your dishwasher, be sure to use the quick-wash setting. This will help you save energy, water and time so that you can get back to spending quality time with your friends and family.

If you plan to go the traditional route and wash dishes by hand, run a small amount of water to fill up the sink then clean all your dishes at the same time. Once scrubbed, rinse using the faucet hose sprayer.

4. Load up the Laundry Basket

Having extra guests around the house this holiday season might also mean more laundry. If you have more laundry to wash than normal, be sure to wash full loads instead of a few items here and there. If you must wash less than a full load of clothes, check to see if your washer has a water-level control setting. Newer high-efficiency washing machines have this function, which helps ensure you’re not using more water than necessary.

5. Install Efficient Fixtures and Faucets

When your guests arrive to your home for the holidays encourage them to take shorter showers to reduce water usage. If that’s not possible, look into replacing your shower heads and faucets with more efficient low-flow ones. Another way to reduce the amount of water used is with water tap aerators.  Aerators can be screwed onto faucet heads, creating a non-splashing stream and often delivering a mixture of water and air, and reducing overall water flow.

6. Contact a Baltimore Plumber so Leaks Don’t Linger

If you notice a leaking pipe, running toilet or dripping faucet, don’t let it continue for weeks or months before calling in a professional. A small leak from an old faucet can waste gallons of water per day and drastically increase your water bill. Before that happens, schedule a plumbing service call with a professional Baltimore plumber.

Don’t get caught off guard by higher than normal water bills this holiday. With a few simple water-saving tips, you can keep your water bill in check and stay focused on celebrating with friends and family.


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