Tips to Save Your Drain this Holiday Season

Stuff Your Belly, Not Your Drain

The holidays are a busy time of year, with family and friends gathering to celebrate. However, big meals and large groups in your home can lead to even bigger problems for your drain and plumbing system. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, here are some simple tips to help save your drain:

  1. Don’t put fruit, celery or potato peels in your disposal. These types of foods are fibrous with long, stringy parts that can wrap around and entangle the blades, which can cause a jam. Simply throw these foods in the trash, or add them to compost.
  2. Don’t pour fat, cooking oil or grease down your drain. These foods are typically liquids when hot, but can turn into a solid when cooled. If they sit in your drain too long, they can solidify, causing a smelly clog. Grease can also leave a film over the blades in your disposal, reducing their effectiveness.
  3. Turn the disposal on before you put food into it. This is the simplest way to keep your garbage disposal running efficiently. Before adding anything to the disposal, turn it on and run cool water. Large amounts of food can slow the process, so add food gradually. When all the food is broken down, turn the disposal off and continue running the water to ensure all food has passed through.
  4. Fix plumbing problems before guests arrive. With all the extra people in your home, your toilet will be working overtime. If your toilet is leaking, running or giving you any trouble, make sure to have it looked at before guests arrive. With added stress on the system, a plumbing issue can become an embarrassing emergency for you and your guests.
  5. Be careful what you flush. The list of items your toilet is designed to handle is short. Make sure a trash can is handy so guests aren’t tempted to flush paper towels, makeup wipes, hair or anything other than toilet paper.

Too Late for Tips?

If it’s too late for tips and you’re already dealing with a drain or plumbing problem, schedule a plumbing service call online. Our team will make sure your home is ready for your next big gathering. Plus, save 20% on a repair now through the end of the year.

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