DIY Living Space Projects vs. Professional Projects

Upgrading your home’s living spaces—like your living room or your bedrooms—yourself can not only improve your home, but add value to your resale value. However, some projects are a little too much for the average homeowner to take on themselves. Here, we’ll explain which projects are perfect for you to handle vs. which ones require the professional home renovation experts at BGE HOME.

Living Room & Bedroom DIY Projects

Looking to take on a project to improve your home’s living spaces? Here are a few that are both easy for anybody to do and will help save you money in home repairs.

• Painting & Wallpaper. Tired of the same old styles in your bedroom or living room? You can freshen up your home’s interior décor with a fresh coat of paint or some new wallpaper. These are fairly easy tasks that most home owners can easily handle without too much of a headache. Plus, picking out new paint colors or wallpaper is a fun and exciting activity!

• Small Energy Efficiency Upgrades. If you feel like your home’s power bill is getting a little high, you can take matters into your own hands and work on implementing some home efficiency upgrades! Start by switching out any old incandescent bulbs with new LED lighting. Also, to cut down on AC usage during the humid Maryland summers, you can even install a ceiling fan in your bedroom!

• Upgrading Your Storage. Whether you feel your closets are too cluttered or you simply just don’t know where anything is, taking on re-organization of your living spaces is a great weekend project. Simply identify which spaces you want to fix, purchase storage space or new shelving, and get to work! This will make your home feel less cluttered and cramped.

Interior Projects That Require Professional Assistance

While there are many projects you can handle yourself as a homeowner, there are a few that you will want to bring in professional help for.

• Installing New Outlets & Light Switches. Any electrical work in your home should be done by a licensed professional. While you may want to have another light switch our outlet closer to your bed, it’s best to leave this update to a pro.

• Updating Your Home’s Walls. If you’ve ever wanted to knock down a wall in your living space to make a more open environment—we understand! But typically, any structural updates you make to your home should be handled by a professional. Ensuring that you do not harm the structural integrity of your home with a licensed home construction expert will maintain your home’s property value.

• Larger Energy Efficiency Upgrades. While everyone wants to improve their home’s energy efficiency, larger projects like upgrading your home’s windows should be left to the professionals. While you may want to cut down on the draft you’re getting from your current windows in your bedroom, we recommend contacting our experts to help you install your new vinyl windows.

Schedule Home Improvement Help Today

BGE HOME’s home improvement experts can help you handle the big projects you can’t do yourself. If you’re ready to improve your home’s interior living spaces, contact the experts at BGE HOME Today!

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