7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home Service Plan

Make Sure You Get the Home Service Plan That’s Right for You

Signing up for a home service plan is a great way to protect your budget from unexpected repair expenses for your home. For a monthly or annual fee, these plans cover equipment and appliance repairs. However, not all home service plans are created equal. You don’t want to get stuck with additional unexpected costs or sub-par customer service from the provider. To help ensure you get exactly what you want, the professional home improvement experts at BGE HOME have compiled this list of seven things you might want to consider when purchasing a home service plan.

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1. Does a home service plan cover the costs of parts and labor?

Home service plans will vary by provider, especially when it comes to covering the costs of repairs for your home appliances. When you select a plan with comprehensive parts and labor coverage, if an appliance or system breaks down, your budget will be protected from costly repair bills. Some home service plans do not cover labor costs or parts which can create unexpected costs. BGE HOME’s Smart Service Protection Plans have comprehensive parts and labor coverage so you’ll never pay for covered parts or labor for any service call

2. Does the company send an employee or a contractor to make a repair?

When selecting a home improvement or HVAC provider, you may choose a company for multiple reasons, but one of the key factors is the service experience. When using sub-contractors, the experience can often suffer, from difficulty of scheduling and ensuring the technician is qualified, to accountability and professionalism. That’s not an issue at BGE HOME, because we only send in-house technicians, electricians and plumbers on service calls who will arrive on time and ready to make the repair. Plus, every service call is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

3. Do you receive priority service scheduling and 24-hour emergency service with a home service plan?

When you have a system breakdown in your home, why should you have to wait at the end of the line to receive a repair or replacement service? As a service plan customer, you should expect to receive priority scheduling and emergency service when necessary. That’s why BGE HOME’s service plan customers receive priority treatment over all other non-plan customers. And, if an urgent repair is needed, emergency service is available, because BGE HOME is here when you need us.

4. Will you receive an annual heating/cooling system tune-up with your home service protection plan?

Manufacturers recommend that you have your heating and cooling system inspected annually to help identify potential problems, maximize equipment efficiency, and extend the life of your equipment. Not all providers include a tune-up with their protection plans. With a BGE HOME plan, you’d receive an annual 21-point HVAC system tune-up, performed by one of our courteous, certified HVAC technicians.

5. Is there a deductible with a home service plan?

Another thing you may want to consider is if the service plan has a deductible and what the amount of the deductible is.  A deductible, or service trade fee, is an amount that the plan holder is required to pay each time a technician shows up to their home, no matter what the actual problem or repair is. Most of BGE HOME’s Smart Service Protection Plans do not have a deductible – even those that cover your HVAC system.

6. Is there a limit on the number of service calls?

The answer should always be “No.” If your equipment breaks down, you shouldn’t have to worry about the number of prior repairs. With BGE HOME, regardless of the number of appliance breakdowns, you will have continuous protection against costly household repair bills.

7. Does a home service plan provide additional benefits?

Beyond the standard coverage, you should see if there are additional benefits and what those benefits entail. Providers will offer a variety of benefits, such as “replacement” coverage on equipment. However, if you read the fine print, it may not be as big of a “benefit” as it claims. Look for benefits that don’t have all the fine print, such as BGE HOME’s plan benefits. For example, as a Smart Service Plan customer, in addition to any advertised offer, you’ll receive 10% off (up to $500) a heating & cooling full system replacement – it’s that simple.

Thinking about purchasing a home service plan for your Maryland home?

Learn more about BGE Home’s Smart Service plans and benefits and find the one that’s right for you. We offer coverage on a variety of home appliances and equipment, from your heating & cooling system, to your washer and dryer. If you’re ready to enroll in a Smart Service plan, simply sign up online.

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