BGE HOME Volunteers Help Restore Heat to Baltimore City School

Technicians Answer Call to Arms to Help Repair Broken Heating System

On Saturday, January 6th, three BGE HOME technicians reported to work for a day of repairing heating systems and restoring heat to members of their local community, much like any other work day. However, instead of working on heating systems that supply heat to a home or commercial building, they were providing Baltimore heating repairs to a city school. The system had not been working properly and the school had been without heat on some of the coldest days of the winter.

The previous day, BGE HOME CEO Tamla Olivier received a call that Baltimore Mayor Pugh was working to put together a team of HVAC contractors to make emergency repairs to 60 school heating systems over the weekend. Oliver knew her team would be an asset to this coalition and that BGE HOME team members would rise to the occasion, so the opportunity went out to technicians who had experience with large commercial HVAC systems. Within an hour of the opportunity being communicated, three members of the BGE HOME team had volunteered: Jeff Elchynski, Buddy Hall and John Edelmann.

Elchynski and Edelmann both have over 20 years of experience and are currently Senior Journeyman on BGE HOME’s commercial service division, which operates as Constellation. They specialize in providing HVAC service, repairs and preventive maintenance to small and mid-sized companies. Hall is a member of BGE HOME’s residential installation team, where he specializes in boiler installations. He’s been in the HVAC industry for almost 30 years. The three men’s technical knowledge, combined with their spirit of volunteerism, made them valuable assets to the coalition working to restore heat for the Baltimore City schools.

Upon reporting to a Command Center early Saturday morning, Elchynski, Hall and Edelmann were assigned to a school in northeast Baltimore. They got to work repairing the compressor and pneumatic system, caulking and sealing around doors and windows, rewiring the system, and working on the school’s roof in below-freezing temperatures to fix the exterior unit. By the end of the day, the team’s efforts brought the temperature in the school up to 70 degrees. With these repairs completed, the school reopened on Monday.

Community service and corporate citizenship are core values at BGE HOME. When asked why they wanted to lend a hand, the technicians explained “We did it to help the kids,” said Edelmann. Hall adds, “We work in this community every day. This is just one more way we’re serving our customers.”

Their efforts and contributions reflect a larger belief held by many at BGE HOME. “These guys were coming off a week of 12-hour shifts. For them to give up their Saturday shows how selfless they are. Their ability to get in there and make a difference speaks to who we are at BGE HOME,” said Olivier.

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