How to Avoid a Drain Cleaning Repair

Drain cleaning problems can be expensive, inconvenient and just plain gross. Does your kitchen, bathroom or shower drain regularly back up? Is it difficult to pinpoint the root cause? A plumbing and drain cleaning repair can be an inconvenience and an unexpected cost. To help keep your drains clear and avoid future drain problems, we compiled several do’s and don’ts when it comes to your home’s plumbing. Check out the tips below to help avoid a future drain or plumbing problem in your home:

Save Yourself from a Drain Cleaning Repair by Avoiding these Common Mistakes

  1. Don’t assume chemical drain cleaners will fix your problem. Many of the chemical drain cleaners out in the market are made of strong acidic ingredients that can erode your pipes or cause rough areas to form inside your pipes. This can cause debris to collect and clog the pipe or even cause a leak to form where the pipe has eroded. Excessive use of chemical drain cleaning products can quickly age your pipes rather than helping fix the clog. Instead, try using a drain snake to clear backups.
  2. Don’t put everything down your garbage disposal. It’s important to watch what you put down your garbage disposal. Foods like rice and pasta can swell when mixed with water, and potentially cause a clog. Fruit and vegetable peels can also cause jams and clogs – consider composting or placing these items in the garbage. Additionally, grease and oil can congeal and collect in your drain as well. After finishing cooking, consider pouring leftover grease or oil into a jar or bowl to set aside. You can then reheat and use for other cooking or easily place in the garbage after it’s hardened.
  3. Don’t flush just anything. While it can be tempting to flush bathroom products like paper towels and makeup wipes down your toilet, we recommend only flushing toilet paper to prevent possible plumbing problems or clogs. Even wipes that are advertised as flushable can still be a detriment to your plumbing system and can take much longer to disintegrate than normal toilet paper. Consider having a trashcan close to your toilet to throw away items instead of being tempted to flush them.

Follow These Steps to Keep Your Drain Clear

  1. Call a credible and experienced plumber for your plumbing problems. Do-it-yourself plumbing is not always the best route, especially for more complex plumbing problems. Trying to fix the issue without the help of a professional can sometimes make the issue worse and more expensive than it would have been if you were to call a professional first. BGE HOME has some of the most experienced, certified plumbers available to fix any plumbing problem. If you are experiencing a plumbing or need a drain cleaning repair, we are here to help.
  2. Consider a drain cover. A useful item to have for protecting your drains is a drain cover. Drain covers can help trap hair and other debris and help prevent a clog or backup. You can easily discard the collected debris and hair in the trash and help prevent it from going down the drain instead. Drain covers are typically inexpensive and are a quick way to ensure you avoid unwanted things getting stuck in your drain.
  3. Run the hot water. Hot water is your friend, especially for your kitchen sink. Even if you are very careful with what you put down your sinks, food remnants and cooking oils still escape down our drains – especially the kitchen sink. Running the hot water after you’ve used your sink helps clear debris and break up food and oils and keep your drain clear.

 If these tips are too late and you find yourself with a plumbing problem or in need of a drain cleaning repair, call us or schedule a plumbing service call online. Our professional and experienced plumbers, who were voted Baltimore’s Best by Baltimore Magazine, will quickly resolve your plumbing problem.

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