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Our Team Delivers Outstanding Customer Service, Every Day

Hundreds of times a day, BGE HOME technicians answer the call to unclog the drain, keep the hot water flowing and make a home more comfortable – warmer in winter, cooler in summer. Every time we enter a home, we leave it a better place. That’s the commitment we make to our customers every day, but the only way we can deliver it is through our dedicated and hardworking team of technicians, electricians and plumbers.

At BGE HOME, we believe we have the best technicians in the industry. Not only are they NATE certified, licensed in their trade and graduates of our rigorous in-house training program, they’re also dedicated to making our community a better place to live and work. We’re proud of our technicians. Besides being the best in their industry, they’re also volunteers, coaches, husbands and fathers.

Focusing on Service and Repairs

One of the reasons we have the best team in the Baltimore area is because we let them focus on what they do best: providing repairs and service. Senior HVAC Journeyman Michael Treasure explains how BGE HOME differs from other HVAC companies by stating, “I really enjoy working for BGE HOME because they don’t push us to be a salesperson, they push us to be a technician, which is really important.” Treasure continues, “I’ve worked on 50-year old [heating and air conditioning] systems. If we can get it up and going, we get it up and going.”

Focusing on Community Service

Many of our technicians find that once they join our team, they end up staying for the remainder of their career. One such technician is Dave Kammann, who has been a member of the HVAC service team for 47 years. Dave has spent his entire career at BGE HOME, and what’s kept him here throughout the years isn’t just our commitment to technical excellence, it’s also our commitment to the community. Through our Gift of Warmth program, Dave can provide heating system repairs and installations to low-income families throughout Baltimore. Dave explains, “I went to see a family who hadn’t had heat for a year… I was able to tell them that we’d have a new boiler in their home within a week, and they would have heat for a very severe winter.” That kind of community commitment made a significant impact on the family, but also on Dave.

Focusing on Teamwork

When our technicians are asked why they stay with BGE HOME, the recurring theme is our focus on teamwork.  Senior HVAC Journeyman (and avid Ravens fan) Kevin Foresythe said it best: “It’s like a big team, like a football team. You’ve got your coaches, your special teams. Everybody fits in somewhere.” Each member brings their unique skills and experience, and can call upon the larger group when needed. Our team approach means that every technician is supported by their manager, team leader, training team and teammates. If one technician is unable to figure out a particularly tricky issue, they can call upon a myriad of resources to ensure the repair is done right.

We think our BGE HOME team is so great that we created a video series to share some of their stories with our customers. For our series, “Get To Know Our Technicians” we interviewed six technicians who represent the services we provide: Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical. View the videos below to hear more from members of our outstanding team. To view the complete series, visit our YouTube page.


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