5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Water Heater

What to Ask When Purchasing a New Water Heater

If you’re like many, the only time you think about your water heater is when it’s giving you problems, or worse, when it breaks down. When that time comes to purchase a new water heater, it’s important to know you’re making the right choice and not making a quick decision without having all the necessary information. Be sure you’re asking the right questions with these five considerations that any company replacing your water heater should be able to address.

1. Is my current water heater still under warranty?

Why pay to replace your water heater if you don’t have to? It’s not uncommon for customers to be shopping for a replacement water heater, without realizing that their existing system is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. BGE HOME will check whether your current water heater is still covered by a warranty or can instruct you how to check yourself.

2. How do I know I’m getting a fair price?

Many companies that replace water heaters require an in-home sales consultation to give you a price. Aside from inconvenience and time wasted waiting for a quote, there can be a fee associated with an in-home estimate.

At BGE HOME, you can receive an honest and fair, exact quote – over the phone, in minutes. We promise that the price we quote is what you’ll pay, and you won’t ever be charged unexpected fees. Plus, that price won’t change, even if you schedule one of our conveniently available same-day, evening, or weekend replacement appointments.

3. Am I choosing the correct water heater for my home?

Having a new water heater installed is a great time to evaluate your hot water needs. That will help ensure you’re selecting the right one for your family’s needs. Has your demand or usage changed? Use our simple chart to help you determine the proper capacity. It’s also necessary to think about things such as the unit’s recovery rate and energy efficiency. Perhaps upgrading to a tankless water heater makes sense. Whatever your circumstances, don’t just settle for the tank that’s already “on the truck”, unless it truly is the right tank for you.

4. Will my new water heater be installed to code?

State, city and local code requirements are for your protection, and they may have changed since your old water heater was installed. Two examples would include if the exhaust venting for a gas water heater needs to be adjusted, or perhaps an expansion tank needs to be added where there wasn’t one previously. Ensure that whoever completes your installation meets the latest code requirements. BGE HOME stays up-to-date with the latest code requirements throughout our service area.

5. Are permits and inspections really necessary?

Depending on the county you live in and type of water heater installed, permits and inspections are likely to be required. The mandates vary by jurisdiction, as each has its own specific guidelines. There’s a good chance that you may need a permit and as well as an inspection. When you are having your water heater replaced, it’s important to ensure that the installation is fully compliant with local laws. BGE HOME takes care of pulling the required permits and ensures that the installation adheres to safety regulations.

When the time comes for a new water heater, don’t feel added pressure wondering whether you’re getting a good deal, or worrying if the job will get done right. Discover the BGE HOME Advantage for yourself and relax knowing that everything will be taken care of the right way, when it’s convenient for you. Ready to find out how much it will cost to replace your water heater? Request an estimate now!

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