Spring Plumbing Checklist

As you’re checking off your spring cleaning list, don’t forget about your home’s plumbing! Spring is the perfect time to make sure the plumbing in and around your home is working properly. Below are some tips and ideas to help you get your home ready for spring.

Refresh your Garbage Disposal

While you’re spring cleaning in your kitchen, consider cutting up a lemon or orange and running it through your garbage disposal. The citrus will help give your disposal a nice fresh spring smell and help complete your clean kitchen.

Turn the Water Back On

A big part of getting ready for spring is turning your outdoor water back on. When you are turning on your water this spring, check for leaks around all hose bibbs outside and inside your home. If water was accidentally left in your pipes and froze, it can cause plumbing issues such as leaking. If you do experience leaking inside or outside your home, quickly shut off your water and call a licensed plumber to help solve the issue.

Another thing to look out for when you turn your water back on is a dripping packing nut. (see picture) If you notice this, use a crescent wrench to tighten the nut and stop the drip. If you find you’re still having leaking or dripping, call BGE HOME to diagnose the problem.

Add Additional Hose Bibbs

As you turn your water back on and begin working on your outdoor projects, you may find yourself wishing for another outdoor faucet for your hose. This is a great time of year to add an additional outdoor hose faucet for washing cars in the driveway or watering your garden in the backyard.

Clean the Main Drain Line

Everyone knows drains can get clogged, but did you know that your main drain line can become clogged and cause major problems for you and your home as well? Your main drain line removes all the waste water from your home. Spring brings new growth and with that growth can come pesky roots that can wreak havoc to your underground plumbing, including your main drain line.  If you suspect you may have a backup in your main drain line, have it checked and cleared by a licensed plumber at BGE HOME.

Sump Pump Maintenance

With all the spring showers that are coming our way, there are some great preventative measures you can take to help make sure your sump pump continues to work for your home. Your sump pump works hard this time of year removing all the spring rain water from around your foundation. If you are worried about your sump pump, a licensed plumber can come and inspect the pump and discharge line to help make sure it’s up to par. We can also install battery backup sump pumps and even a smart alarm that uses Wi-Fi to send you notifications if your pump fails.

Another preventative measure you can take for your sump pump is to check the area outside where your sump pump dispels water. When checking this area, make sure it is free of leaves and debris to help prevent issues when the sump pump discharges.

A Licensed Plumber Can Help Finish Your Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring is a great time to check things off your to-do list, including plumbing! If you need a licensed plumber to help with any plumbing repairs or projects this spring, simply schedule service online.

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