How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your Windows

Your windows play an important role in the comfort, safety and curb appeal of your home. As your windows age, their efficiency naturally degrades and you might start noticing changes in temperature, noise and comfort inside your home. Energy-efficient windows are an investment that can pay for themselves by reducing your monthly utility bill and ensuring a consistent, comfortable temperature inside your home year-round.

Window Maintenance

Protect your investment with regular maintenance. Taking steps to maintain your windows will help to ensure that they last longer. Here are some simple ways to clean and maintain your windows:

  • Vacuum debris from the windowsill or track prior to washing
  • Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to clean window frames on a regular basis
  • Keep the windowsill or track area clean of soil or debris to encourage proper draining
  • Regularly clean windows from the inside and outside of your home

When to Repair Your Windows

Sometimes it’s possible to repair a window rather than replacing it, even if its damaged. If your windows only need new weather stripping or hardware, a repair is likely to be the effective and less-costly option. Repairing your windows may likely be sufficient if you’re dealing with the following:

  • Worn down appearance: Harsh weather can lead to normal wear and tear on the exterior of your windows, including chipped paint on the window frame. This can usually be a simple fix involving sanding and repainting the frame to perk up the exterior of your home.
  • Dirty or streaked glass: Cleaning your windows is typically an easy process, unless your windows are too high off the ground for you to safely access. In that case, there are many professional cleaning services that specialize in home window cleaning, which could be the best option. If you have double-pane windows, take notice of any moisture or cloudiness between the panes of glass. This could be a sign of a larger issue that may require a replacement.
  • Insignificant hardware problems: Are your windows becoming difficult to open and close? If so, it could be the hardware that needs some attention. Check to see if there is a buildup of dirt, grease or debris inside the window track. A thorough cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap may be enough to fix the problem. Store-bought hardware lubricants can also help to make your windows easier to operate.

When to Replace Your Windows

If your windows are old and inefficient, or have significant damage, it might be time to replace them. This is especially true if they are no longer under warranty. Consider replacing your windows if any of the following apply:

  • Condensation or fog between window panes: Condensation and/or fog on the inside of double-pane windows means that moisture has gotten in between the panes. This is likely due to the damage in the window’s seal, and a replacement is the only option. It also means that the window is operating with the energy efficiency of a single pane of glass, which is much less efficient. Replacing your windows with low maintenance, precision-engineered windows would improve the curb appeal of your home, and could also increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease your monthly utility bill.
  • Bent or damaged frames: Warped windows are a common problem with wood frames, and the main culprit is moisture. If your windows are warped, you may notice that they are deformed or have shifted over time. This creates gaps in the seal of your home and in turn makes your home less energy efficient. If your windows are warped, replacing your windows may be the most practical option. BGE HOME’s quality replacement windows are fusion-welded which creates a solid unit that will never split or weaken over the years.
  • Difficulty opening or locking: This is usually a sign that your windows are on their last leg and need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Not only does this make your home less energy efficient, it also poses a safety risk to your family. In case of an emergency, windows need to be available for use as an exit from your home. At the same time, it’s very important to ensure that intruders can’t open your windows from outside of your home. Our maintenance-free vinyl windows are an ideal solution to ensure that they never stick, corrode, pit or rot like wood or metal windows.

Whether you’re currently looking to replace your windows or will be in the future, a free, no-obligation in-home estimate can give you confidence and peace-of-mind that you’re making the best choice for the overall comfort, energy efficiency, safety and curb appeal of your home. Contact us today and an Energy & Comfort Consultant will reach out to you to discuss the unique needs of your home.

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