5 Signs You’re Hiring The Right HVAC Company

It happens to all of us: it’s scorching hot or ice-cold outside, and your HVAC system shuts down unexpectedly. What can only make things worse from there is hiring a bad or incompetent HVAC technician to come out and make things worse. So how can you make sure you’re hiring a trustworthy HVAC company? Follow these five steps to make sure you’re getting a professional HVAC company.

1) Check for Licensing

One of the first things you should look for in your HVAC company is that they are licensed and bonded with the local governing bodies. This is a pretty easy check—their licensing information should be on their website. For example, BGE Home’s license information is listed on our Who We Are page. Our licenses are up-to-date for all Maryland and local municipalities that we serve.

2) The Company Has Been In Business For A While

The longevity of the business is a great way to ensure that they’re reputable in the community. A business that routinely services the need of the community for many years is bound to have built trust and authority in their field. BGE Home has been proudly serving Maryland for 25 years, and our technicians have an average of 11 years of experience.

3) Check Local Reviews

Local reviews are a great way to tell how reputable a business is. In the internet age, it’s difficult to run a poor business and not get called out on the internet. Check sites like Yelp, Google and Facebook to see what the community has to say. It’s important to read a mixture of high reviews and low reviews to understand what a person’s experience was with the business.

4) Look for Hidden Fees

Hidden fees are one of the easiest ways to see that a business may not be reputable. Traditionally, these will show up in the local reviews and other areas of the internet. BGE Home proudly offers no hidden service fees with your HVAC maintenance.

5) Get A Quote And Ask Specific Questions

Reputable businesses will offer you a quote for the work you need done, and diligently answer any questions you have about the repair or installation process. If a company sounds dodgy or refuses to offer a quote, then you may be better off looking for another company. At BGE Home, you can fill out a form to get a quote, and we are happy to discuss the specifics of your problem to help you better understand our process and what our service will entail.

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