How to: A/C System Check

1. Check Your Filter
2. Check Your Outside Unit
3. Turn On Your A/C System

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We recommend our customers walk through these 3 simple steps to check their air conditioning system now, while temperatures are still mild. 


Step 1: Check Your Filter (Indoor Unit)

✓ Visually inspect your filter(s)

If your cooling system uses disposable air filters, we recommend replacing them if:

– The filter was last replaced more than 3 months ago; OR,

– The filter appears clogged with dirt and dust, obstructing airflow

Need a new air filter? You can purchase them at a local retailer, or click here to order them through our partner, Second Nature, and have them shipped to your door.

If you have a whole house air cleaner, please follow all manufacturer cleaning recommendations.

Step 2: Check Your Outside Air Conditioning Unit

✓ Ensure your outside unit is unobstructed by vegetation (ex. leaves, shrubs, etc.). If necessary, gently remove any debris from around the system.

Step 3: Briefly Turn On Your A/C System

✓ Use these three steps to confirm your A/C system is blowing cool air:

1. Adjust the thermostat to the “cool” mode

2. Set the temperature to 60 degrees (this turns the AC system on)

3. Wait 10 minutes, then check to see if:

– Cool air is coming from the vents on each floor of the house

– The outside unit is running

When you’re done, return the thermostat to its previous or original setting.

After 10 minutes if your system is not blowing air, or if the air is warm or room temperature, please contact a care representative for assistance at 1-888-243-4663.

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