Electrical Energy Saving Tips

Lighting accounts for roughly 7% of your energy usage. By making efficient lighting choices, you may realize noticeable energy savings.

Upgrade with Energy-Saving Light Fixtures

ENERGY STAR® qualified light fixtures adhere to strict EPA guidelines of energy efficiency, using at least 75% less energy than traditional light fixtures.

Flip the Switch

Turn the lights off when you leave a room – you can save 20% to 40% on your lighting usage.

Conserve with Motion-Sensing Lighting

Motion-sensing light fixtures save energy with a variety of settings, while motion-sensing switches turn the lights off when you may forget.

Save Energy with ENERGY STAR Ceiling Fans

Qualifying ceiling fan and light units are about 50% more energy efficient than conventional models because of improved components and blade designs.

Save Energy with CFLs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs last up to ten times longer, use about 75% less energy, and generate 75% less heat than traditional light bulbs.

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