Windows, Doors & Siding Energy Saving Tips

The exterior envelope of your home can have a significant impact on comfort and energy usage. By making energy-focused improvements, you may be able to create a more pleasant and efficient home.

Use Window Shades

Open the shades during the day and close them at night to warm your home. Keep your home cool by drawing the shades during the day to block out the sun.

Upgrade with ENERGY STAR® Certified Windows

Old windows can contribute to air leakage and high energy usage. ENERGY STAR certified windows include a variety of energy-saving features that allow your heating and air conditioning system to use less energy.

Minimize Heat Gain & Heat Loss

Installing a reflective film on windows will divert the heat of the sun in the summer and maintain the warmth inside during the winter.

Replace Inefficient Doors

ENERGY STAR rated exterior doors incorporate a variety of energy-saving design features that minimize air leakage and enhance efficiency

Insulate the Exterior with Siding

Insulated siding provides you with an additional layer of thermal protection, helping maintain a more consistent interior temperature.

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