Electrical Installations

Our certified electricians are professionally trained to ensure a quality installation. We have rigorous electrical guidelines are the foundation for a safe and efficient installation. Whether you have an electrical emergency or want an electrical upgrade, our team is ready to handle your project. Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, BGE HOME does it all for you:Electrical Installation Estimate  photo

  • Obtain all required permits
  • Safely install the electrical fixtures
  • Provide instruction on how the electrical device operates
  • Clean the work area
  • Haul away any job debris

For guaranteed peace-of-mind with your next electrical installation, contact our Energy & Comfort Consultants for an installation estimate. Our team of professionals will ensure that you are safe and worry-free when it comes to your electrical installation needs simply call 1-888-BGE-HOME or submit the form on this page.

Selecting an Electrical Contractor

Whether you are installing a ceiling fan, rewiring your house, or replacing exterior lighting, the new equipment will only be as good as the company that installs it and stands behind it. Weve compiled a checklist to help you select a company that has the expertise and experience to best meet your electrical needs.

  • Check Credentials. Research the company and reputation by reviewing customer testimonials and references.
  • On-site Evaluation. For larger projects, anticipate a personal visit to your home, so the company understands your electrical requirements and can perform a thorough survey of the home and equipment for a custom solution.
  • Check Local and State Licenses. Ask to see applicable licenses, as well as insurance forms for liability and workmens compensation.
  • Qualified Electricians and Installers. Ask about the training, certifications and screening processes of employees.
  • Warranties and Maintenance Agreements. Inquire about the availability of workmanship warranties and service agreements to ensure your electrical system or equipment maintains optimum performance.
  • Sales, Service and Installation. Ensure the company repairs the equipment they install, and provide emergency service if something goes wrong.
  • Ask Questions. Never feel pressured to make a quick decision. Ask about the installation process, permits, warranties, financing options, and the pros and cons of the presented options.

Installation Experience: What You Can Expect

Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable, hassle-free electrical installation experience. The BGE HOME electrician will take every precaution to ensure a safe, seamless installation. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so our electrical professional will keep you informed and ensure we are meeting your expectations. Below is an overview of what you can expect with a BGE HOME electrical installation:

  • Well Call You: On the day of your installation, our electrician will call you approximately 30 60 minutes prior to arrival.
  • Pre-Install Review: Prior to beginning the installation, our electrician will review the job details and answer any questions to ensure we are meeting all of your expectations.
  • Installation Preparation: The work area will be prepared for a clean and safe installation, by laying drop cloths and removing any potential safety obstacles.
  • Equipment Removal: Once all safety precautions are satisfied, the electrician will begin the removal of the existing electrical device.
  • Equipment Installation: The new electrical equipment will be wired and secured accordingly. Then the device will be inspected to ensure safe operation.
  • Installation is Complete: Our electrician will then clean up the work area, removing any remnants of the installation and leave your home looking neat.
  • Post-Install Review: Our electrician will walk you through the installation, demonstrate how to operate your new equipment and answer any questions.
  • Final Paperwork: Once you are comfortable and after answering any questions, our lead electrician will review all paperwork, warranty information, and collect the final payment.

Your Installation Day: How You Can Prepare

The installation of your electrical equipment is an exciting experience, especially when you have the professionals at BGE HOME taking care of everything for you. Our electricians will ensure a quality installation and back it up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Below are a few ways you can prepare for your installation day.image

  • Remove any obstructions around the home appliances or equipment
  • Ensure the appropriate areas of your home are accessible
  • Remove anything of value in the vicinity of the installation area, such as valuable artwork or table top items
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