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As a residential consumer of electricity in the state of Maryland, you have the option to choose who supplies your electricity.

Your local utility has always been responsible for supplying and delivering electricity to your home. Now, you have the freedom to choose who supplies your electricity. Your local utility will still be responsible for delivering the electricity to your home, maintaining power lines and responding to emergencies, regardless of who supplies it.

You have the power to choose your supplier!

The difference is CHOICE. As an electricity consumer, you will be able to choose your supplier.

Our Advantage

Constellation, provided by BGE HOME, offers various electricity rate plans to residential customers in select areas of Maryland. As a Constellation customer, the main change is that now you have a locked-in electricity rate for the term of our agreement, instead of the floating price offered by your local utility. Your local utility will deliver your electricity, read your meter and respond to emergencies. And, your utility will still bill you for your electricity usage.

This offer is made by BGE Home Products & Services, LLC doing business as Constellation.
BGE HOME is not the same company as BGE, a regulated utility.
BGE HOME is a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation.
MD Electricity Supplier License #IR-228

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