Whole-House Air Cleaners for Your Heating and Air Conditioning System

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The air you breathe is loaded with pollutants like pollen, dust, pet hair and dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and other irritants. Today's weather-tight homes trap more of these contaminants inside your house. The result is indoor air that can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

An electronic whole house air cleaner can remove up to 99% of these airborne impurities. That is up to 20 times more than a standard furnace filter captures. It can improve the quality of air circulating through your heating and air conditioning system by providing relief from allergies and irritants in the air.

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Buying Guide: Air Cleaners

When selecting an air cleaner for your home, choose one that uses a HEPA filter system. HEPA filters remove even extremely small particles from the air you breathe.

Air cleaners are rated on several factors, including particle removal efficiency, airflow resistance, and service life. To decide which air cleaner is right for your home, consider the lifestyle of those living in your home, as well as your homes air quality.

  • Pet owners and smokers usually have a higher concentration of airborne pollutants in their homes and can enjoy improved comfort and cleanliness.
  • Allergy sufferers are especially vulnerable to dust, pollen or pet dander in the air and can benefit from a reduction in these irritants.
  • Homeowners concerned about airborne mold spores circulating in their home can have peace-of-mind knowing the spores are trapped inside their air cleaner.
  • Anyone looking to protect the life and efficiency of their heating and cooling system can help their system run longer with the investment of an air cleaner.

How It Works: Air Cleaners

A Whole-House Air Cleaner is installed as a part of your heating and air conditioning system, so that the air in your home is continuously cleaned every time your system runs. The air cleaner captures any potentially harmful contaminants through a filter media for the entire house. Whole-house air cleaners are generally available in two options, as a whole-house media air cleaner or a whole-house electronic air cleaner.image

A Whole-House Media Air Cleaner captures airborne particulates by using a fabric-type filter. As air passes through the filter media, the fibers of the fabric capture and trap the airborne contaminants. The media air cleaner is a whole-house approach to air purification, which can remove up to 97% of pollen, dust and other large particles.

imageA Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner uses advanced technology to clean the air in your home. When dirty air containing viruses, bacteria, dirt, pet dander and other airborne irritants enter the unit, an electrical field places an electric charge on the particles and collects them like a magnet. Contaminants and allergens are then permanently collected and trapped. Clean air is circulated back into your home so that you can breathe easier. The air cleaner maintains high air flow, allowing your heating and cooling system to operate at full efficiency, while eliminating up to 99% of airborne bacteria-sized particulates.

Benefits: Air Cleaners

The air inside your home can be dirtier than the air outside. Air cleaners remove impurities and irritants from the air and provide the following benefits:

  • Protect the life and efficiency of your heating and cooling system by reducing dirt and dust that contribute to expensive maintenance and premature failure.
  • Allow your heating and cooling system to meet your needs quicker, using less energy by reducing dust and dirt that can build up over time.
  • Reduce the levels of indoor irritants including bacteria, dust, pet dander and virus-sized particles.
  • Keep your home and its contents cleaner and get relief from the constant need to dust.
  • Allergy sufferers can get relief from dirty air that contains seasonal allergens such as pollen, mold and hayfever.
  • Today's air cleaners are low maintenance just wash the cells in your dishwasher as needed.

Efficiency & Savings: Air Cleaners

The buildup of dirt, dust, pet dander and other airborne particles in your heating and air conditioning system can reduce its efficiency by as much as 25%. These airborne substances can slow your system down, making it work harder and use more energy to achieve your desired temperature. By removing these substances from the air, your system can maintain efficiency and operate using less energy. An increase in energy efficiency can often result in lower operating costs.

Air cleaners help remove particles from the air that your furnace filter can miss. A 1-inch furnace filter is designed to remove large particles from the air, but allows dirt and dust to build up on furnace and air conditioner coils. Over time, the accumulation of these particles can slow down your heating and cooling system, making it work harder and use more energy. This can lead to premature aging of your system, expensive maintenance, and higher energy bills.

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