Heat Pump Installation and Repair in Maryland


A heat pump is a single unit that looks like an air conditioner from the exterior, but in fact performs the same functions as a heating and air conditioning system. This type of system works by pumping heat into the house in the wintertime and out of the house during the summer months. Because of its ability to both heat and cool your home, a heat pump can be an economical and efficient option for Maryland homeowners. If gas is unavailable or if electricity is the most reasonable energy option, a heat pump may be the best system for your home.

At BGE HOME, we want to make sure that your new heat pump replacement fits your budget and your needs. Let our Energy and Comfort Consultants give you a free installation estimate by filling out the form on this page.

Heat Pump Installation

Your heating and cooling system is the largest energy user in your home. When it's time to replace your old heat pump, BGE HOME can help you find the heat pump that's right for your home. Well help you every step of the way, from selecting an energy efficient heat pump, to a hassle-free heat pump installation.

Heat Pump Repairs

When you call use for a heat pump repair, you can trust that your heat pump will be taken care of by licensed and certified technicians. From repairs to scheduled maintenance, BGE HOME provides more than just a way to keep your home comfortable: we give you peace of mind that your heat pump will be in peak condition to keep your family comfortable.

How It Works: Heat Pumps

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A heat pump provides both heating and cooling for a home and may appear as a split system or a self-contained unit. While in cooling mode, the heat pump system will use the outdoor compressor and an evaporator coil to cool a home. When cooling, the compressor pumps refrigerant through the system and to the evaporator coil. As the air duct system pulls warm air from inside the house, the refrigerant in the evaporator coil absorbs the heat and removes the moisture from the air. As the air continues to move across the coil, the air is cooled and is then redistributed through the air duct system. The heat that was transferred to the evaporator coil is moved outside to the compressor, where the heat can dissipate and cool down. While in heating mode, the process is essentially reversed, whereupon cool air is pulled from inside and moved outside to be heated. Often a heat pump will have a backup heating element to supplement during extreme cold periods.

Click the image for an interactive demonstration of how a split heating and air conditioning system works.

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A packaged heat pump system is an alternative to the typical split system approach. However, the process is very similar, except that the system is self-contained and requires no indoor equipment. Click the image for an interactive demonstration of how a packaged heating and air conditioning system works.

Efficiency & Savings: Heat Pumps

When evaluating your heat pump options, the efficiency and potential cost savings are important variables to consider in your purchase decision. Heat pump equipment with todays technology is far more efficient than models five or ten years ago. See the potential payback for upgrading to a high-efficiency heat pump by trying HSPF savings tool for heating efficiencies and SEER savings tool for cooling efficiencies.

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