Heating & Air Conditioning, Water Heaters, Kitchen & Laundry Appliance Do It Yourself Tips

When the air conditioner isn’t blowing cool air, the freezer has defrosted, the washing machine isn’t turning on, or other household appliances stop working, how do you know when it is time to call a repair service technician? The following tips can help you make a sound decision.

  • Troubleshoot the Problem. Home appliances may stop working for a variety of reasons, and often the solution can be very simple. First, consult the owner’s manual for the troubleshooting section. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, check the manufacturer’s website or try a website like www.consumerreports.com for a list of manufacturer’s contact information.
  • Follow the Recommendations. If the appliance issue matches the troubleshooting guide, and you are comfortable with the task, follow the recommendations provided. Newer home equipment and appliances will often provide error codes to simplify the process.
  • Call a Service Professional. If the recommendation did not correct the issue, or if the task is beyond your comfort level, call a service professional to repair the appliance. A new home appliance may cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, so the cost of a service call for a proper diagnosis and accurate estimate may make economic sense.

For specific DIY tips, select the appropriate home appliance below:

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