We’ve changed our name to Constellation Home!

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Constellation Connect: Security + Home Automation

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Constellation Connect combines home security and automation in one easy-to-use total home management system.  Connect protects your loved ones, your home and your valuables, giving you peace of mind while at home or on the go. You count on BGE HOME to provide products that help you save energy at home. With Connect, we’re taking that one step further by helping to keep you safe and secure in your home.

Constellation Connect: More Than Home Security

Keep your home safe, protected and running efficiently. Options like entry detectors, motion sensors and live camera footage give you the benefits of traditional home security, plus available 24/7 professional monitoring that can dispatch police, fire or EMT services to your home in the event of an emergency. But, home security is just the start. Constellation Connect helps you manage and reduce your home energy usage, providing energy usage alerts and insights. And with flood detectors and a smart thermostat, you’ll be notified of other emergencies in your home, like a leaking water heater or a heating and air conditioning system in need of repair. Connect is your one stop for home security and automation.

Professional Installation Services from BGE HOME

Constellation Connect systems are easy to install, but if you prefer a professional to do the installation, BGE HOME can help. Our team of Security System Specialists, licensed by the Maryland State Police, can install your Connect system upon request. Don’t worry about how to mount the camera or whether the motion sensor is placed in the right spot; leave the work to our certified professionals, so you can focus on your family.

Peace of Mind with DIY Home Security

According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, only 17% of homes are outfitted with a security system. However, homes with a security system are three times less likely to be burglarized than a home without one. Having a home security system can provide you with peace of mind as well as help deter break-ins, theft and other crimes at your home. Plus, with add-ons like security cameras, smart lights and water leak sensors, you can see what’s going on in your home at all times.

Compatibility with Constellation Connect

Connect works with thousands of smart home devices, including Amazon Echo and Google Home. This gives you additional flexibility to customize the devices in your home, and control them all in one place. You’ll no longer have to jump between apps to manage your smart home. Connect allows you to pair the Connect Hub with your other smart devices making it easy to have everything in one spot. Manage thermostats, lighting, door locks, smart cameras, garage doors and more all from one convenient place.

A screenshot of the Constellation app, showing control of your house available with this technology

Total Home Control with the Connect App

The Connect App is your one source for total home management. Our home security system keeps your family safe and protected. From within the app, you can view live camera footage, arm or disarm your system and set schedules and automations to run when you leave for the day, arrive home, or are away on vacation. Integrate all your smart home devices into the Connect app and manage your home all in one place.

Benefits of Constellation Connect

Constellation Connect provides you with the protection of a home security system plus the control of home automation. Live secure and in control, and enjoy these benefits:

  • With professional monitoring, home security professionals have your back 24/7
  • No contracts, hidden fees or long-term commitments
  • Control thousands of smart home devices from one app
  • Flexibility to install your security system when and where you want
  • Customizable packages that fit your needs

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is the use of smart devices in your home to help you automate your energy use and other components of your home. For example, a home can be automated so that when you disarm your Constellation Connect system, the lights will turn on, the blinds will lift, and the temperature of your home will increase or decrease depending on your settings.

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Constellation Connect

Visit the Constellation Connect website to learn more about our new home security and automation system.

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We’ve changed our name to Constellation Home!

New name. Same everything else. As we prepare our new website over the coming months, expect to be directed to pages on constellationhome.com. Learn more about our name change.