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Electrical Vehicle Supply Installation

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Charge Your Electrical Vehicle at Home

BGE HOME offers electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation that is guaranteed to make your electrical vehicle experience more enjoyable and more efficient. Installing residential electrical vehicle supply equipment with BGE HOME is easy and convenient. Our certified technicians make sure that the electric vehicle charger installed is the perfect match for your home.

No more slow charges or worrying about getting to work early enough to claim one of the few charging stations. Rest easy knowing your cars battery will be fully charged every morning you leave your home.

Level 1 vs Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Charging

If you are a current EV owner, you may be using the charger that was provided to you when the car was purchased. This is known as Level 1 EVSE equipment, meaning the only equipment necessary for you to charge your EV is a standard 120-volt (V) AC plug. When you charge an EV with level 1 equipment, you can generate an approximate charge of 124 miles in 20 hours. This means that you may be able to last a day or two on a single charge if you don’t drive frequently and have 20 hours to charge your car. However, for most people that commute to work or drive more frequently, this is simply not enough. If you are using a level 1 charger, odds are you have gotten very familiar with public charging stations at workplaces, and retail businesses.

Level 2 chargers must be matched to your home and car and installed separately. Level 2 chargers require your home to be outfitted with a 240-volt outlet.  However, once installed, level 2 charging equipment provides an estimated 3-7 times faster charge. With a level 2 charger you will see about 10 to 60 miles of range added to your vehicles charge per hour charged. With level 2 charging equipment you can get in your EV each day with a fully charged battery and confidently  take on an entire days’ worth of driving without having to stop at a public charge station, or charge while you are at work.

Benefits of BGE HOME EVSE Installation

When you chose BGE HOME to install your electric vehicle charger you can rest assured that you are getting the proper installation equipment for your home.

  • BGE HOME will make sure that the charger installed in your home is compatible with your home
  • The installation of your EVSE is covered by BGE HOME for a year
  • BGE HOME will pull all the permits and inspections necessary for the installation. We do all the Permit paperwork for you.

Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment Installation Process

Installing your electrical vehicle supply equipment is easy.

  1. Schedule an appointment with BGE HOME and a Certified Electrician will arrive to your home and inspect your home’s electrical system.
  2. Once our technician has looked at your homes electrical system, they recommend the right level 2 charger based on your homes electrical availability.
    1. While your parts are being ordered, BGE HOME will keep working in the background. We will pull all necessary permits and schedule an EVSE inspection to take place after the installation.
  3. After you order the parts for your new electrical vehicle supply, a certified BGE HOME technician will come back to your home and install your new supply equipment. After the charger is installed, your inspection will take place.


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We’ve changed our name to Constellation Home!

New name. Same everything else. As we prepare our new website over the coming months, expect to be directed to pages on constellationhome.com. Learn more about our name change.