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Boiler Installations & Replacements in Maryland

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High-Efficiency Boiler Replacements & Installations

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A high-efficiency boiler from BGE HOME in Maryland can help save you energy and money. When you’re in need of a boiler installation, turn to our team of professional home boiler installation experts. Today’s boilers use less energy to generate heat and keep more of that heat in your home. Upgrading your current heating system with a new high-efficiency boiler is a great investment toward lowering your monthly energy usage.

BGE HOME offers 96% AFUE replacement boilers, the most efficient boiler available. If upgrading or replacing your current boiler to a new high-efficiency boiler, we can help you find the best option for your needs. Request an estimate for a boiler installation.

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Why Choose BGE HOME for your Maryland Home’s Boiler Installation?

BGE HOME is a professional boiler contractor serving Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and surrounding Maryland counties including Anne Arundel, Harford, Howard, Carroll, Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Frederick.

If you’re in a need of a boiler installation, BGE HOME can help you save energy with an energy-efficient upgrade and find a budget-friendly option to meet your needs. A new boiler can have a significant impact on your energy usage, since it is the largest energy consumer in your home. Plus, our team of certified boiler installation professionals will ensure a hassle-free installation day. Contact our boiler installation experts for more information and details about the price of a new boiler.

BGE HOME has been making homes more comfortable for decades. We have over 400 trained, certified professionals who have an average of 11 years of experience. So you can count on us to show up on time, in uniform and ready to do the job right. Our team also provides service and maintenance on boilers. Learn more about boiler repairs.

We install a wide variety of boilers to fit your home’s needs including Burnham brand high-efficiency boiler replacements by U.S. Boiler.

What Is A Boiler?

A boiler is a heating system that heats your home by circulating steam or heated water through a system of pipes in baseboards or radiators. Boilers are not usually installed in new homes, but many older homes in Maryland and apartments feature this type of heating system.

Boilers produce heat using various fuels including natural gas or oil. Boilers are among the most popular heating systems due to their longevity and efficiency. If you need help finding the best boiler for your home, contact our Maryland boiler experts today.

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What is AFUE?

Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) measures the amount of heat that is created by your boiler versus the fuel supplied to create the heat. For example, a boiler with a 55% AFUE means that 45% of the generated heat is wasted. New high-efficiency boilers are up to 96% AFUE efficient.

Oil-to-Gas Boiler Conversions

In addition to offering a line of high-efficiency boiler replacements, BGE HOME also specializes in boiler oil-to-gas conversions.

Reasons for an Oil-to-Gas Boiler Conversion:

  • Converting to gas can help reduce energy costs
  • A gas boiler tends to emit lower emissions than oil and is often more environmentally friendly
  • Using gas to fuel your boiler tends to be much more efficient than using oil
  • Converting can reduce the frequency and hassle of refilling your oil tank

If you feel that an oil-to-gas boiler conversion might be right for you, one of our BGE HOME Energy and Comfort Consultants can provide an estimate as well as a personalized recommendation based on your needs.

What Are Signs I Might Need a Boiler Replacement?

Over time, you may notice your boiler’s efficiency decreasing. There are many signs that it’s time to replace your home’s boiler. BGE HOME has some key signs that mean you should call our Maryland boiler experts:

  • Older Unit
    If your boiler is an older unit or you are having an increase in boiler repairs, it may be time to look into a boiler replacement from your local heating company.
  • Unusual Noises
    If your boiler is making unusual or strange noises, this could be a sign your unit needs to be replaced. A boiler repair can often solve noise issues, but these sounds can also be a signal you might need a boiler replacement. Our BGE HOME HVAC professionals can help you find the right solution for you.
  • Leaking Unit
    While leaks can typically be repaired, they can also be indicators that it is time for a new unit. If you find your unit is leaking, have a professional, like BGE HOME, service your unit quickly.
  • An Increase in Boiler Repairs
    While repairs can normally prolong the life of your boiler and get your unit back to providing reliable heat for your home, increased repairs could be a sign that a boiler replacement might be something to consider.
  • An Increase in Energy Bills
    If you see an increase in your energy bills it could be a sign to consider a boiler replacement.

Don’t wait for your older unit to stop working or breakdown. Make sure your family stays warm and comfortable this winter. Our Energy and Comfort Consultants across Maryland are able to assist you in making the right decision for a new boiler. From selecting the right unit for your home’s heating needs, to professionally installing and servicing your new unit, BGE HOME is here to help you the entire way. Request an estimate for boiler installation.

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We’ve changed our name to Constellation Home!

New name. Same everything else. As we prepare our new website over the coming months, expect to be directed to pages on constellationhome.com. Learn more about our name change.