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What’s the advantage of having a surge protector for the whole house? 
A. Today’s electronic equipment, TVs, computers, washers, electric ranges, heating and cooling equipment, microwave ovens, and even toaster ovens are made with increasingly sophisticated electronics. Even a minor surge can cause major damage. SurgeGuard’s whole house protection safeguards all of your electronics and appliances at once.

What causes power surges? 
A. Power surges are sudden increases in voltage. They can be caused by thunderstorms, high winds, downed utility poles, and power line interference due to squirrels, birds, trees, balloons, and car accidents.

Do power surges occur year round or only at certain times?
A. Surges are mostly weather and accident related and occur at unpredictable times throughout the year.

How is SurgeGuard different from outlet surge strips?
A. The SurgeGuard device is installed outside on your electric meter and is designed to help ground surges before they enter your home. SurgeGuard protects all of the appliances and electronics in your home and can handle surges up to 100 times greater than those handled by most outlet protectors.

Isn’t a circuit breaker designed to protect electronic equipment and appliances?
No. A common circuit breaker’s reaction time is simply not quick enough to stop a power surge from entering your home. SurgeGuard activates within nanoseconds in order to ground a surge.

Where is SurgeGuard installed?
In most cases the device is installed on your electric meter, where your electric service enters your home. If you have an inside meter or electric service over 400 amps, an interior surge protection device may be necessary.

How do I pay for SurgeGuard protection?
A monthly device rental fee of $7.95, plus tax, will be invoiced on your utility bill. You will need to provide your Electric Choice ID when signing up for the program, which can be found on your utility bill.

I am a SurgeGuard customer and think a power surge hit my home, how do I file a claim?
Filing a claim is easy, simply call BGE HOME at 1-888-243-4663, and we will send a technician to your home to perform a complete investigation. If there is evidence that an electrical surge has entered through the utility lines and damaged your electronics or appliances, we will repair or replace them, up to $10,000.

If I have SurgeGuard, should I cancel any service contracts I currently have?
No. Most service contracts do not cover surge damage, and SurgeGuard does not protect against normal mechanical failures. The two complement each other, and both should be considered for total protection.

How do I get SurgeGuard Protection for my home?
Sign up online or call 1-888-BGE-HOME. As installation appointments are usually not necessary, BGE HOME will notify you when your SurgeGuard device has been activated.

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