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At BGE HOME, we specialize in creating comfortable homes with our expert central air conditioning installations. When you need to replace your old central air conditioning system, we can help find the right fit for you and your home. We have been serving Maryland for decades and are proud to bring that dedication of service and experience into your home. Homeowners throughout Maryland turn to BGE HOME for professional central air conditioning installations.

Air Conditioning Installation

air conditioning installationOur Energy and Comfort Consultants have the expertise you need to help you choose the right central air conditioning system for your home. Having a BGE HOME professional help you with your air conditioning needs ensures your new system will operate efficiently and effectively. When it comes to finding the right system for your home, proper sizing is essential. Selecting a unit that is either oversized or undersized for your home can diminish its efficiency and effectiveness. Our Energy and Comfort Consultants will help make sure you find the perfect unit for your home.

After we help you find the right air conditioning system for your home, we will professionally install it. Having a professional like BGE HOME install your system helps ensure your system operates at the most comfortable and efficient level for you and your home. You will have peace of mind knowing your system is operating efficiently and that you have BGE HOME committed to serving you long after the sale.

AC Repair or Replacement?

As air conditioning systems age, the energy efficiency and reliability of the equipment will begin to decline, while operating and repair costs rise. You will eventually be confronted with a choice, to either repair the equipment or replace the system with a more energy-efficient system. Our Repair or Replace Guide can help you decide if it’s time to upgrade and replace your air conditioning system.

If you’re looking for air conditioning repair, BGE HOME professionally trained HVAC technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergency AC service. Call on BGE HOME for your heating and cooling needs.

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Air Conditioning SEER Rating

When choosing the right air conditioning system, appearances may be similar. However, the efficiency of the units can vary widely. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) provides a rating for the efficiency of your unit. Our BGE HOME Energy and Comfort Consultants can walk you through finding the best SEER rating for you and your home.

How Central Air Conditioning Works

Your central air conditioning system is responsible for keeping your family cool and comfortable throughout the hot summer months. If your system is old, inefficient or not able to keep up with your home’s cooling demands, it may be time for a replacement. A central air conditioning system helps to cool, ventilate and reduce the humidity in your home so it’s comfortable inside, even when it’s hot outside. An air conditioning system works by extracting hot and humid air from inside your house and distributing cool air through a duct system.

Most central air conditioning units in Maryland are a split system, which is made up of an outdoor air conditioning unit and an indoor furnace. The alternative is a packaged system, in which the heating and cooling functionalities are both housed in the outside unit. To learn more about how an air conditioning system works, view our Heating & Air Conditioning Product Guide.

When it’s time to replace your old, inefficient air conditioner, BGE HOME can help you select the energy-efficient system that’s right for your home. Plus our skilled, knowledgeable technicians will ensure that your installation is hassle free and to your complete satisfaction.

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