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A properly insulated home can help reduce energy consumption, while making your home more comfortable all year round. Attic insulation is a key factor when trying to get the most out of your energy dollars. Even the most energy efficient heating and cooling systems will be forced to work harder in homes that are not properly insulated.

Attic insulation from BGE HOME creates a more comfortable living environment by making your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Plus, an extra comfort benefit is the noise reduction, since insulation absorbs sound and creates a quieter home. By properly insulating and sealing your home, you can save up to 10% on total energy usage, according to energystar.gov. Our team has years of experience insulating attics, and we have the knowledge and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

How Do I Know if I Need More Attic Insulation?

It is important to first figure out how much attic insulation you currently have in your home. Unless your Maryland home was constructed with energy efficiency as a priority, there is a good chance that you could reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation. Many older homes have less insulation than homes built more recently, but even adding insulation to a newer home can help save energy dollars.

A good way to learn more about your home’s current attic insulation and energy efficiency is to schedule a home energy audit, which would allow a qualified home energy auditor to determine the best allocation of resources to reduce your monthly utility bill. The auditor will be able to determine areas in which heat/cool air are escaping from or entering your home, how much insulation you currently have (R-Value), where it is located, and where additional insulation needs to be added.

If you need help insulating an attic, request an attic insulation estimate from our home improvement experts today.

Attic Insulation Installation

Our certified installation professionals utilize rigorous installation guidelines to ensure a quality installation of your blown-in attic insulation. Our guidelines are the foundation for a superior installation, from the use of baffle vents for proper ventilation to the professional application for consistent coverage. Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, BGE HOME does it all for you. Upon arrival, your experienced technician will:

  • Survey and verify the amount of insulation required
  • Air seal any attic penetrations (optional)
  • Install baffle / rafter vents for proper ventilation
  • Use professionally blown-in fiberglass insulation
  • Clean the work area and remove any remnants of the installation

For guaranteed peace-of-mind with your attic insulation installation, contact our Energy & Comfort Consultants for a free installation estimate at 1-888-BGE-HOME (888-243-4663) or request an estimate for more information.

What is R-Value?

R-Value is the measure of your insulation’s ability to resist heated or cooled air traveling through it. According to energystar.gov, the recommended R-value for attic insulation is between R-30 and R-60.  However, the climate that you live in will determine the R-value level required to effectively keep your home at a consistent comfortable temperature. Due to our geographic location, R38-R60 is recommended for Maryland homeowners, depending on how much insulation is currently in your home.

Attic Insulation Services in Maryland

If you’re concerned your attic insulation may not be providing your home with the insulation it needs, get in touch with the professionals at BGE HOME today. We are passionate about delivering responsive service, unmatched reliability, and superior products to our customers at an affordable price.

Geographic heat map of the U.S. that shows the recommended R-value for attic insulation in each zone; Maryland’s is R38-R60

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