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As a homeowner, you depend on your heating and air conditioning system year-round. When it’s 30 degrees outside and the windchills drop to single digits, or when the heat index climbs to near 100 during the Maryland summer, you need your HVAC system to be in peak condition to keep you and your family comfortable and operating efficiently. While your AC or heating system may be running properly, it could be inefficient, costing you more on your monthly power and gas bill.

To ensure that your AC and heating unit is running efficiently, HVAC manufacturers and EnergyStar recommend that you have an annual HVAC efficiency tune-up with your local heating and cooling company. Not only will this help improve the efficiency of your home, saving on your energy bill, but it will also ensure your HVAC unit is set to run properly all season long. Also, we recommend that you change your HVAC filter every three months to keep the system running efficiently. You can buy filters and have them delivered to your door by ordering them through our trusted partner, Second Nature.

BGE HOME’s certified HVAC technicians can help you ensure your home’s heating or cooling system will function efficiently throughout the entire season with an HVAC tune-up. Contact us today for a heating or air conditioning tune-up in Maryland.

Why Do I Need a Heating and Air Conditioning Efficiency Tune-Up?

Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does your heating and air conditioning system. Over time, dust and debris can build up inside your heating and cooling system. If the coils, drains or filters get clogged, your system can’t operate efficiently and needs to work harder. This will increase your energy costs and making it more difficult to achieve the desired temperature in your home, or cause your HVAC system to run longer and harder to achieve your chosen temperature. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system running better and increases its lifespan by ensuring it won’t wear out from working overtime. Plus, more routine maintenance on these systems keep their efficiency up, saving you monthly on your energy bill.

The more time that passes between scheduled maintenance, the greater the risk of a problem requiring repair. With the average HVAC repair costing around $300, pre-season tune-ups make good financial sense.

Don’t wait until your heating and air conditioning system shows signs of problems to get it checked. Let BGE HOME’s trained and licensed technicians identify and address any problems so that your HVAC system keeps working for you when you need it most. Our tune-ups include an efficiency diagnostic test as well as tests and measurements to ensure the safe and proper operation of your unit throughout the entire winter or summer months.

Heating System Efficiency Tune-Up in Maryland

As part of our 21-point heating efficiency tune-up, BGE HOME technicians will:

  • Perform carbon monoxide safety test (gas unit)
  • Measure combustion efficiency (gas unit)
  • Inspect safety controls and unit wiring
  • Level, calibrate and test thermostat operation
  • Inspect and clean filters
  • Inspect blower assembly and lubricate fan motor
  • Test motor capacitors
  • And more…

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tune-Up in Maryland

During our 21-point air conditioning efficiency tune-up, BGE HOME technicians will:

  • Inspect and clean filters
  • Clear and flush condensate drain line
  • Test blower motor and check blower motor capacitor
  • Inspect condenser fan blades
  • Check refrigerant metering device and inspect refrigerant lines
  • Rinse condenser coil
  • Check condenser fan motor and compressor capacitor
  • And more…

Schedule A HVAC Efficiency Tune-Up For Your Maryland Home Today

It’s a good idea to have an HVAC efficiency tune-up performed before heating or cooling season so that any problems that are identified can be fixed before the season begins. In addition to the long-term savings, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your heating and air conditioning system is operating in peak form. Visit our Energy Savings Calculators to see how you can save. Schedule an appointment today to get your HVAC system inspected for the season. We also offer great home service plans to keep your system running no matter what happens.

Learn more about what to expect during your HVAC efficiency tune up by reading our blog.

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