Vinyl Siding Options

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Revitalizing your home has never been simpler! Vinyl siding, the preferred choice of homeowners, will update your look, enhance curb appeal and protect your home from the elements and your childrens baseball practice. You will want to carefully choose the style and type of vinyl siding that is best for your home.

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Style Options for Siding

BGE HOME provides a breadth of siding style options for a custom exterior. From the siding profile to the finish texture and accent options, you can achieve the look and style you desire for your home.

Style Options for Siding


Color Options for Siding

BGE HOME offers a variety of rich and luxurious to subtle and sophisticated siding colors. Whether you are looking for a deeper color hue to heighten the character of your home, or a lighter shade for a fresh appearance, BGE HOME can help.

Color Options for Siding


Efficiency: Thermal-Backed Vinyl Siding

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Thermal-Backed Siding from BGE HOME significantly reduces air infiltration and delivers up to 500% more R-value* than conventional siding. When BGE HOME replaces your vinyl siding, you will immediately increase the beauty, value and style of your home. However, you will also increase the energy efficiency of your home, with an R-value of 5.3. New, thermal-backed siding from BGE HOME is like wrapping a warm blanket around your home. Extra comfort benefits include reduced noise transmission and enhanced breathability (allowing more water vapor to escape).

*R-value is the standard measure used to evaluate the effectiveness of insulation materials.

Construction: Vinyl Siding

When you choose vinyl siding from BGE HOME, you are selecting a product that is virtually maintenance free and investing in a product that will last. You will no longer have to worry about the siding fading, peeling, blistering or flaking, and that means no more staining or painting. Plus, you will help create a more comfortable and healthy home.

Thermal-Backed Vinyl Siding diagram
  • Secure interlocking panel design for secure mounting and seamless insulation breaks.
  • Structurally independent wall system for durability and toughness against the harshest weather.
  • One-piece insulated siding system that bonds an inner core of high-density insulation with the durable vinyl outer layer for optimal performance.
  • Look of hand-installed boards of traditional siding panels.
  • Extended length panel options for a clean, seamless appearance with no overlaps.
  • Advanced color integration that is fade resistant and uniformly through the siding panel.
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