Why Replace Your Siding?

image of a house with siding

Faded, damaged siding can have a significant impact on curb appeal, but it can have a larger impact on your comfort and energy usage. New, thermal-backed siding can instantly increase your homes beauty and value, with its easy maintenance that leaves more time for family and fun. So cross off scraping and painting, and add relaxation and enjoyment to your schedule, because BGE HOME is on your side.

Its time to replace your siding when:

  • Your existing siding has cracked seals, damaged panels, or has deteriorated and is beginning to crumble.
  • You notice moisture is seeping under the siding and is leaking around the perimeter of windows and doors.
  • You are replacing windows, doors and trim.
  • You are ready to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home.
  • You are ready to upgrade the exterior appearance because of issues like paint bubbling, color fading and premature aging (chalky surface).

Our Energy & Comfort Consultants can help find the right siding solution for your home and budget. BGE HOME thermal-backed siding is engineered to achieve superior energy efficiency, beauty and style. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly siding solution or an insulated siding alternative, our professionals will develop a custom solution to improve the appearance and comfort of your home.

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