Types of Water Heater Accessories

When replacing your hot water heater, you may also be interested in purchasing accessories to improve its overall operation. Installing water heater tank accessories can help improve the efficiency of your water heater and maximize the comfort in your home. Learn more about available water heater accessories by browsing the sections below.

Circulator Pump & Timer


Why waste water waiting for it to reach a comfortable temperature before showering or washing your hands? Waiting for hot water is inconvenient, and wastes time and money. Install a water circulator pump and timer to allow for instant hot water and the elimination of water waste.

Drip Pan


Drip pans sit under the water heater and collect water from leaks or overflows caused by excess pressure in the tank.

Expansion Tank


Expansion tanks are plumbed to the water heater. They are designed to hold the extra volume of water that can be produced when cold water is heated in the tank. (Certain counties require an expansion tank to be installed on the water heater.)

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