Below are a few tips for maintaining your windows:

Interior Glass

  • If your window or door has a removable interior glass panel, remove it to clean the inside. This may require an additional person, depending on the size and/or location of the glass panel. If the removable panel has a blind or shade mounted on it, pull it up and secure the cord to make it easier to handle.
  • To wash interior glass, use a premixed vinegar-based cleaning solution (or make your own with 10% vinegar and 90% water) and a soft, lintfree towel (paper or cloth).
  • Or you may use a glass and surface cleaner. Be generous with the amount of cleaner you apply. Rinse with clear water if streaks remain after cleaning. Avoid using glass cleaners that are ammonia or alcohol-based, as they may leave streaks or produce a film that attracts moisture or dust.

Outside Glass

  • To clean the outside glass surfaces, use a vinegar-based solution (as previously described) and a squeegee. If streaks still appear after a thorough cleaning, rinse the glass with clear water.
  • To remove grease or sealant on the glass, use mineral spirits sparingly, then wash with a vinegar-based cleaning solution.
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